APSys 2017

ACM Asia-Pacific Workshop on Systems (APSys) is a venue of systems researchers and practitioners.

The workshop takes a broad view of computer systems, and solicit papers on topics such as: operating systems, virtualization, distributed systems, network, system security, mobile and embedded systems, cloud computing, many-core and multi-core systems, and interactions among programming languages, computer architecture, and systems.

The 2017 ACM APSys (APSys 2017) will be held in Mumbai, India from September 2-3, 2017.

Past Conferences

APSys 2016, Hong Kong, China

APSys 2015, Tokyo, Japan

APSys 2014, Beijing, China

APSys 2013, Singapore

APSys 2012, Seoul, South Korea

APSys 2011, Shanghai, China

APSys 2010, New Delhi, India